Many Muslims memorize Mahomet’s message.  Avoiding annoying, awesome (?) alliteration, that means they learn to recite the Koran by heart.  Christians and Jews settle for less and are content to quote small chunks or single verses of their Bible(s).  But Protestants run rings around Roman Catholics, impressively identifying their quotidian quotations by book, chapter and verse.  This is regarded by the gullible as erudition and expertise.  I consider it foolishness and a waste of time.  Parroting Scripture is for the birds.

In my book and blog I always identify my sources, including the “sacred”, but I see no point in cluttering my mind with great slabs of Scripture, and even less in telling people out loud where they can find them in their King James or New American translations.  I do retain one reference, though.  You’ll find it at the beginning of my book and throughout this blog.  It’s John 9:25 : “I was blind, but now I see.”  Just seven words which sum up my itinerary from Illusions to Illumination.