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This  will present a problem for Hillary if she wins in November, but it already presents a problem for me concerning the American presidential campaign and the American voting public.  It is both ludicrous and scandalous in the eyes of civilized Europeans and, I hope,  of sane Americans, to see the Donald holding up his hands as putative proof of the giant genital organ with which he claims to be equipped.  This level of political “debate” would be amusing and simply vulgar if it were not a pathetic, frightening revelation of American credulity, shallowness and lack of judgement, notably among Evangelical Christian rednecks.  Is it any wonder that Joseph Smith was able to con people into becoming Mormons (like Mitt Romney, remember ?), that Trump could seek the endorsement of crackpot demagogue Sarah Palin, or that the U.S. is positively drowning in religiosity ?

When the Four Stooges in similar suits stand on the stage, we expect, and get, a spectacle.  CNN explicitly welcomes us to the … “show” !  Entertainment is the name of the political game in the U.S., but the 2016 Republican primaries have hit an all-time low.  Blindfaithblindfolly is not limited to Religion.