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The famous exception is atoms, including those of which I am made.  I will soon cease to exist.  They won’t.  They were originally stardust.  God knows what they’ll be next.

Books and movies used to put “The End” on the last page and just before or after the final credits. The Third Reich came to an end.  The Soviet Union came to an end.  Will terrorism ever come to an end ?  Will poverty (Jesus said it wouldn’t), will crime, injustice, disease ?  One thing is certain : we will.

Life, our personal existence, comes to an end.  We do all we can to delay death.  Some dream even of eliminating it.  I feel not only for the nonce but as far down the road as our wildest dreams can take us, that it’s a lot more intelligent to expect it, to accept it, than to fear it or to hope that somehow it won’t happen.  Given the fact that there will be no sequel to the story that will have been our life, we have nothing to fear in an imaginary “after-life”.  We no doubt will have a lot to regret, when we slough off this mortal coil : things we’ve done and shouldn’t have, things we should have and didn’t.  But whether or not your life has been as satisfying as mine has been, we are all better off making the most of the time we have left and getting used to the idea that when it’s over it’s finished.  If it’s any consolation, our atoms will live on in somebody or something else.  I’d like to think that mine will one day be part of the first rocket-ship to land on an exoplanet.