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. . . or is there a third person in a yet-to-be-revealed trinity of presidential candidates ?  Only the Republican party can answer that; many certainly hope so.  Unfortunately, for all sorts of reasons, I am neither available nor eligible, so Good Luck, America !

The United States of America never cease to amaze me – as they did when I lived there for ten full years : Tulsa, Oklahoma, five years, Bennington, Vermont, three years, back to Tulsa for two more – to fill out the decade.  (I grew up reciting the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries in the fifteen decades of the Rosary.  Rattle off ten consecutive Hail Mary’s often enough, try to keep those pesky Ten Commandments and admire Protestants for giving 10% of their income to their Church as tithes, and the first double-digit number tends to stick in one’s mind.)

Two things struck me living in the States, besides the fact that every citizen is armed to kill his fellow-citizens.  The first is that the people who make the real money, besides wealthy inheritors with a flair for shady business deals, and “post hoc, propter hoc” get themselves elected, are usually lawyers, or attorneys as they call them Over There.  (The Donald is an exception, for more reasons than this.)  The second is that America is God’s Chosen Country.  You can’t get away from Him, not only in churches and the billboards in the church-yard, which tell you what next Sunday’s sermon will be about (I can hardly wait !), not only  on the radio and the tube which feature preachers and televangelists hawking belief and books they have written about the inexhaustible but exhausting subject that is their stock-in-trade (somewhat like this Blog !), but in presidential and other political speeches and even in everyday conversations which often include a “God bless”.  The greenback itself asserts that “In God we trust”, and you already know from earlier posts all about the Latin quotations on the Great Seal and the dollar bill which remind Americans, already “blessed in their beginnings” (“Annuit coeptis”), that they are a messianic people with a mission to bring a “new Order of the Ages” (“Novus Ordo Seclorum”) to the nations of the world.

What is going to happen in November – and for the next four years ?   God – as even we atheists say – only knows !  Two things are certain : as usual, whoever is elected will invite God to bless America and as usual the latter will be conspicuous by His absence.  But He will be asked to protect Americans and help them kill their enemies, win the America’s Cup and bring comfort to the weary, the war-torn and Wall Street.  In short, business, the God-business, as usual.