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You can kill someone without meaning to.  More often we just offend people without meaning to.  But we do many things on purpose, including offending people.  However you don’t go to the trouble of building a house unless you meant to.  And you would not intentionally build a house with floors of broken glass, toilets without a flush, beds fixed vertically to the walls, and machine-guns which start firing as soon as you enter a room.  Only a madman would build such a house of horrors.

The Universe is a cosmic House of Horrors.  Besides earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanic explosions, devastating floods and electrical storms on Earth, between 1994 and  2013 we were bombarded  556 times by meteorites measuring more than one meter.  Countless others missed us : we have just one chance in 100,000,000,000 of being killed  by such a cosmic missile.  Can we imagine God doing this on purpose ?

Just twenty years ago we thought there were zero exoplanets outside our solar system.  Now we have identified over 2000, and will identify, according to “Science et Vie” (April, 2016) tens of thousands of others in the next ten years.  Did God create all these on purpose ?  When we examine the kinds of exoplanets we already know are out there – one made of diamond, another with five suns, and one where it rains stones – the question is even more pertinent.

Can we imagine a “God” creating this Universe 13.8 billion years ago … ON  PURPOSE , when there wasn’t even anyone around to enjoy the spectacle ?  It is just too much to expect us to believe that the Universe had a personal, divine Creator or any imaginable purpose.  We are part of a Cosmic Fluke.  Enjoy the night-sky, but don’t say that it proclaims the glory of God !