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Last time we heard what He was up to, He was flying up to Heaven.  Up, up and away !  This was not Superman but Godman, ascending not faster than a flying bullet but slowly, to savor every second of this spectacular entry into eternal glory.  It’s a pity CNN was not around to record the event, which would have been the ultimate in Breaking News.

Thirty-three years earlier He had been born in Bethlehem.  We have a few details of the months before His birth, among them Gabriel the Archangel telling Mary that she would have a child of the Holy Spirit.  The angel did not spell out the theological details which would later describe all this as the revelation of the Blessed Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Mary’s child Jesus would be the incarnation of the Second Divine Person and therefore God made man.

The four Gospels tell us quite a lot about the life of Jesus.  How much of it is true, is, of course, the subject of debate, notably the miracles He is said to have performed, in particular His raising Himself from the dead after His crucifixion on Calvary.  Forty-three days later, after a few appearances to confirm the “fact” of His Resurrection, He is supposed to have ascended into Heaven.  My question is : what has He been doing there ever since ?

We can only speculate.  Neither He nor anyone else has told us how He has spent His time these last two millennia.  But then we have no idea either of what He and the other two Divine Persons have been doing since the world began 13.8 billion years ago, and in the eternity before that.  He certainly hasn’t been preventing people from getting sick, getting murdered, getting annihilated by World Wars and International Terrorism, crushed by earthquakes and drowned by tsunamis or roasted in bushfires or burned at the stake or in the ovens of Auschwitz or the conflagration of Hiroshima or being conned by religious gurus claiming to be His spokesmen.  He apparently sat back and let these things happen.  One could be excused for suggesting, in fact, that He didn’t give a damn.  A more reasonable explanation is that He is not God, a fiction we invented, nor therefore a God-Man, but just a man like the rest of us, a man who died and thereby ceased to exist.  The question we ask in the title of this post is therefore absurd, as absurd as all the other ridiculous beliefs of Christianity.  I am, of course, as usual, open to contradiction on all this, but I challenge anyone to come up with evidence of Jesus’ survival of death and what … on Earth he has been doing ever since, and what … in Heaven He has been doing to avoid the boredom of “eternal life”.  Don’t kill yourself trying to meet the challenge.  We all know there is no evidence, and your speculations, your fantasies, your beliefs, your wishful thinking do not measure up as evidence which any sane person could accept.