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Adolph Hitler spent his time in prison writing the manifesto that spelled out in detail his plans for the Third Reich and the Holocaust.  How many bothered to discover in advance his diabolical project which would soon become a horrific historic reality ?

The same question could be asked of a bulky volume (1600 pages !) in Arabic, which none of us ever heard of, written in 2005 by Abou Moussab al-Souri, a highly respected Islamist leader and colleague of Ben Laden.  A French scholar and Arabic-speaking specialist of contemporary terrorism, Gilles Kepel, tried to alert the French authorities to the terrorist project, different from the massive strikes planned by Ben Laden, which al-Souri spelled out in his manifesto, which, he said in a recent interview (“L’Express”, June 22, 2016) they dismissed as an “elucubration”.   The text in question, according to Kepel, “is a call to worldwide Islamic resistance which defines Europe as the soft belly of the West.  Its priority targets are Muslim apostates (Translator’s note : “moderate Muslims”), Jews and major sporting events to get Muslims everywhere to break with the West and join the extremists.  It is clearly a plan for organized civil war.”  Kepel regrets that Government officials ignored the translations of al-Souri’s text which he sent them.  We could have had ten years’ head-start anticipating the recent terrorist attacks in France.  Readers will remember that Jesus warned us that nobody listens to prophets in their own country . . .

At least post factum we can now understand Daech’s strategy to radicalize Muslim youth and to terrorize moderate Muslims into joining their ranks.  It took Hitler less than a decade to win the allegiance of the German people.  Had we taken the trouble to read the game-plan he had outlined, maybe . . .  The analogy with Radical Islam deserves reflection.