I thought you might enjoy the following outline for a novel/screenplay I shall never write :

—  Arrival at 3:46 am, April 1, 2017, of the extra-terrestrial space-ship “Earth or Bust”, with its crew of eleven “Immortals”, on the pitch of the Sydney Cricket Ground

—  Flashback to the exoplanet of its origin, Wayout, and top-level discussion there of the “Earth or Bust” project to share with earthlings their scientific discovery of the Forever Formula and its capacity to provide provisional immortality to volunteers desiring to postpone their death forever or until they decide otherwise (with the aid of an antidote to the Forever pill)

—  Integration (with comic relief) of the Immortals from Wayout into Australian society.  Their selection of possible terrestrial candidates for the pill

—  “Earth or Bust’s” co-pilot falls in love with Sally, a well-endowed waitress in a Kings Cross café.  Inevitable result (not entirely disinterested on the part of the co-pilot) : Sally is invited to ingest the Forever pill, marries the co-pilot and they live happily ever after

—  Subplot 1  :  highlights of Sally’s and her husband’s next 200 years

—  Subplot 2  :  overview of three other Aussie volunteers’ lives, including the decision of two of them, a brain-surgeon and a garbage-collector, after 54 and 149 years respectively, to die, and that of the third candidate, a Catholic priest, not to

—  Subplot 3  :  the frustrating attempts of the now immortal priest to get the Church to approve the option of the Forever pill, ending in his assassination in the Sistine chapel

—  Choice of final scene :  1.  Collective suicide of the extraterrestrial Immortals.  2.  The said Immortals pull their space-ship out of mothballs and return to their planet Wayout.

I am prepared to accept an offer to purchase the book and/or film rights, on condition that I receive an outrageous fee as a consultant and 75% of all royalties (destined to be distributed to my personal charities  . . .).

P.S.  I must assure readers that I have NOT gone back on the grog.