The folksong, “500 Miles”, the Fortune 500 companies, the Ford 500 automobile, the Indy 500 car-race : the number (or, more exactly, the figure) has something special about it.  This is our Blog’s 500th post.  The fact deserves underlining (as does the fact that it has had 6043 visitors).

I never thought, when I launched “blindfaithblindfolly”, that I would have so much to say.  But religion is an inexhaustible subject, providing countless reasons for ridiculing it.  Some of my Reflections are abrasive; others are more restrained.  But though inevitably distasteful (or worse) to devout believers, they are all intended to invite Believers on the Brink to reflect on and recognize just how silly religious beliefs, rules and rituals really are.  Coupled with my 227 Reflections in my book, “From Illusions to Illumination.  The Itinerary of a Franciscan Priest from Catholicism to Atheism”, they constitute a collection of challenges to people who still believe and practise the nonsense that claims its origin in “Divine Revelation”.

With each post I write, I continue to be amazed that I myself was once a believer.  Even worse, I was professionally committed to promulgating the religious faith I inherited as a child, and spent the first half of my eighty years reinforcing the credulity of the “faithful”.

I doubt that I will have the time, energy or inspiration to post another 500 Reflections.  But however many more Reflections I manage to post, what I have already written as well as what I add to it, will, I hope, inspire at least some of my readers to discover the truth of atheism, that alone can make them free.

R I D E N D A      R E L I G I O