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It seems that the airstrikes by the Coalition, as well as by Russian bombing, will, before long, result in the military destruction of Daech.  Observers, however, are already calling it a “pyrrhic victory”, recalling that of King Pyrrhus of Epirus against the Romans at the end of the 4th century A.D., whose success cost him so many troops that his “victory” left him defenseless.  The situation in Syria and in Radical Islam worldwide, to say nothing of the military might of its imminent conquerors, today makes the use of the epithet inaccurate.  Even if (when) Daech is destroyed militarily, the world will still face the permanent threat of terrorism, because of the highly motivated men (and now, in France, women) fanatics in the field, who do not need Daech’s military stronghold, financing or even logistic coordination to pursue their murderous mission to avenge Allah and his Prophet.  In the near future anti-terrorist efforts will be concentrated on the “lone wolves”, the “sleepers”, whose fanaticism can turn them into devastating human bombs anywhere, at any time.

Nevertheless, the military defeat of Daech will seriously impede the progress of Radical Islam to impose a Caliphate and charia law.  It will also have a demoralizing effect on some individual fanatics, while increasing the thirst for vengeance of many others.  It is time to launch the media-blitz.