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Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Goebbels gave the word a bad name and its present pejorative connotation, but the Vatican continues to use the Latin word to describe the work of its Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith.

I have proposed that we launch a media-blitz, a propaganda campaign, against Radical Islam.  The countries most under threat from terrorists have communication skills and talent to burn.  Such a campaign of persuasion is not only our last resort; it is the best weapon we have.  Every day we see how successful are the advertising campaigns that get us to buy all sorts of goods and services, as well as to vote for political candidates.  If Madison Avenue can do it for toilet paper and the spin doctors  for Trump, why not get them, along with Hollywood’s best film-makers – aided by specialists in politics and religion – to produce TV spots, leaflets, billboards, whatever, to sow doubts in the minds of would-be terrorists and the fanatics we fear ?  If we don’t, I’m afraid we’re doomed.  Publish propaganda or perish.