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The second word in the title is well-known to junkies and alkies like the late Amy Winehouse and her fans for whom it is the title of the song that made her famous.  “Rehabilitation” is a euphemism for a process of painful withdrawal from a dehumanizing drug addiction.  “Deradicalization”, more recent and more challenging, is withdrawal from Radical Islamic fanaticism, a drug more powerful than alcohol or heroine because it is based on religion, the opium of the people.

Withdrawal programs in the Deradicalization Centers currently being opened in France target only people attracted to terrorism, not confirmed addicts.  Neither Deradicalization or Rehabilitation can work unless the subject requests treatment of his or her attraction to the drug in question.  People identified as potential candidates for Radical Islam are invited to sessions of Derad.  They are volunteers, like the patients in Rehab.  (Amy Winehouse sang “No, No, No !” to Rehab.)  Even when (if ?) they are “cured”, we are still left with the unconverted terrorists who say “No, No, No !” to Derad and want nothing more than to blow us and themselves up.

I have already proposed a Media-Blitz, which I believe could be far more, and more widely, effective in sowing doubts in the minds of potential terrorists than Derad Centers.  However, for the gung-ho terrorist a Media-Blitz may be just as ineffective.  Our best hope is to exploit, as part of the Blitz, the testimony of rare, converted fanatics.  The story of their demotivation and enlightenment may shake the convictions of at least some of those still hooked on the hallucinations of Radical Islam.  Until someone comes up with a better idea, that’s about all we can do.  We must never lose hope.  One day we shall overcome.