TIME  magazine (October 3, 2016) devoted a full page to “Trump’s longtime spiritual advisor”, Pastor Paula White, “who believes that intercessory prayer can have an immediate impact on shaping events”.  She credits herself for making Donald Trump’s words . . . “God’s words” (!).  TIME did not see fit, though it has often done so in the past, to publish my Letter to the Editor, but it may interest readers of this Blog :

“Give God, or the pray – er, the credit ?  Pastor Paula White sees a cause-effect relationship between her praying and getting what she prays for.  I have a neighbor who constantly asks about my health.  When I give her the good news, she tells me it is because she prays for me every day.  She does not know that I am an ex-Franciscan Catholic priest become a militant atheist.  I do not have the heart to disillusion her.  But a minister of religion who gives herself the credit for getting God to do what she wants is either a fraud or a monster of  credulity and arrogance.”