The Webster’s American Dictionary definition, which will delight disappointed Democrats, deserves detailing on this day deemed disastrous :

“1.  Something showy but worthless. 2.  Nonsense; rubbish.”

Some will say that a name was never so clearly predestined !  But this is just Day One of the New World Order, the “novus ordo seclorum” on both the Great Seal of the United States and the one-dollar greenback.  He’s not even been sworn into office yet, so let’s give him a chance.  In the interim I hope that Mr Trump, President Elect, takes the time to reflect on his awesome (yes, “awesome”) responsibilities to unite the disUnited States, and to promote peace and prosperity, the rule of law, justice, liberty, equality and, as far as possible, fraternity throughout the world.

Some people surprise us when they are given responsibility.  You’ve seen it happen to immature young adults when they become parents.  We’ve all seen it happen in spheres as diverse and as distinct from each other as the local Town Hall and the Vatican.  It can happen also in the White House.  We will be vigilant as of January 20, 2017, but we must give the President the chance to grow into the office and to measure up to the promises he made in his speech last night.  “Carpe diem !”, Mister President.