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Thousands of Americans applying for visas permitting them to live in New Zealand apparently prefer the risk of earthquakes and tsunamis to living in Trump’s America.  Barbara Streisand is wondering whether she should move to Australia or Canada.  French people are conscious of the fact that over the last fifteen years the number of mosques and other Muslim prayer-centers has more than doubled (1000 to 2500, of which 140 are Salafist !).  From January 2015 to July 2016, France has had more than a thousand victims of Daech terrorism (238 dead, nearly 900 wounded).  American Muslims are wondering whether they will be among the three million Trump is promising to expel.  Rednecks are putting up signs in their front yards warning Mexicans that they will be shot at sight if they trespass their property at night.  Darkness is covering the world we live in (in spite of tonight’s Perigee Full Moon).  Fear is immediately evident on both sides of the Atlantic when a law-abiding Muslim boards a bus, a train or the metro.  Our gut-reaction is to wonder what he has in that bag he is carrying.  It is indeed a Mad, Mad, Mad world.

We know that prayer is pointless, that military victory over Daech is not the panacea, that dialogue with radical Islam is virtually impossible.  Our only hope is the courageous determination to use our solidarity to protect our lives, our freedom and our way of life, to refuse submission, capitulation and the paralysis that fear engenders, and to continue to search for ways to convince religious fanatics that no God could want them to destroy fellow human beings whom they blindly label as infidels.

Trump and the threats he presents, and above all the people who support him – especially his just-appointed chief advisor Bannon – together constitute a further challenge we could have done without.

Our values, our resilience and our intelligence will be sorely tested in the years ahead of us.  We will learn to live dangerously – in a double jeopardy – until we overcome, as overcome we shall.

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