The original statement was about war, not religion, but I find it equally . . . true of religious belief.  The difference, of course, is that when it was said during World War 1, it referred to the fraud practised on both sides in reporting the numbers of casualties and victories of the Allies, as well as violations of the rules of war and crimes against humanity practised by the enemy.

Religion may not have originally been promoted fraudulently,  but because it became rapidly obvious that because people wanted to believe, they could be made to believe almost anything.  Today most of those we call ministers of religion themselves believe much, if not most, of what they teach and preach, because that is what other sincere representatives of religion taught them.  But what is being taught is largely fable, not the truth.  The biggest lie is that we and the world were created by God.  “He” is, in fact, the invention of ignorant primitive people to explain the world around them.  The second is that our spirit, our “soul”, survives death in an “afterlife”.  The third is that “God” has given His revelation about how we should live, to certain people appointed to be His representatives and spokesmen, with authority to speak and act in His name.  These lies are still believed today.  But more and more people are rejecting them, discovering the truth and finding the freedom that comes with thinking for themselves.