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“Matrix” aficionados will recognize the movie’s mantra.  I use it to congratulate Believers on the Brink who have gone the whole hog, ditched religion completely and become atheists.  It takes a while for them to take in the magnitude of the step they have taken.  After forty years I still marvel at my own credulity.  I am reminded of it every day – the media are full of examples of blindfaithblindfolly.  How could I ever have swallowed such nonsense ?  It is indeed difficult to understand how intelligent adults can continue to live in a world of make-believe.

Religious credulity is so common that most believers have no idea how outrageous their beliefs really are.  They think they live in a real world.  The lucky and enlightened ones among them discover that their illusions are less credible even than the science-fiction of films like “Matrix”.  Such movies almost make us believe in make-believe, and really make the unreal seem real.  But, after the fun, we reenter the real world.  The tragedy with religion is that it makes us believe in make-believe and think it is really real.  I am dedicated to leading believers, to recall the title of my book, from their illusions to illumination, from make-believe back to the real world.