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President Lincoln, sitting there behind him in the monument in which he and his Gettysburg speech are enshrined, couldn’t believe his marble ears.  Jon Voight, whose acting skills are clearly superior to his intelligence, had been chosen to set the tone for the pre-Inauguration party for the not-overwhelming crowd gathered to celebrate the election of the Donald.  We were all expecting words that would transcend the ferocious rhetoric of the campaign and invite the Divided States of America to welcome the President Elect of ALL Americans.  Instead, Voight evoked the “propaganda” and “negative lies” of his enemies, which however failed to prevent his election, because, the actor said . . . God made it happen !  It gave us a taste, if not a warning, of the plethora of “God bless America”s, the blind faith and the blind folly we can expect for the next four years.  Never was “Annuit Coeptis” (“He has blessed our beginnings”) on the dollar-bill so appropriate, a perfect act of faith for today’s inauguration of a President-billionaire.  America’s God is Mammon.