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If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have a pretty good idea about what I think – about Theology, God, world religions, the Church, faith and credulity – but about some other subjects too.  But you know, and I know, that what I think is, well, immaterial, irrelevant, of no real consequence to anybody but myself and perhaps a few people who have allowed themselves to be influenced and have their thinking questioned, and even changed, by this blog.

But I am Nobody.  What Trump thinks may or may not be true, rational, reasonable or founded on fact.  But it matters !  It matters a whole lot.  The last few days we have experienced on and since his Inauguration Day carry enough proof of that.

The difference between the importance of Trump’s pronouncements and my posts is humbling – a reminder that who you are matters more than the value of what you have to say.  I use the word “humbling” in the first sense of the word : cutting me down to size.  When Mike Pence, the VPOTUS, said he was “humbled” by his swearing-in and by being photographed in the Oval Office, he was using the word in its second sense.  He meant he was awed, conscious of the challenge he faces and his limited capacities to meet it : his awesome (!) office and responsibility are no doubt beyond his wildest hopes and expectations.  But he should be truly humbled and humiliated by the antics and lies of his boss, who trumps him by massacring the truth, convention and the language … “bigly”.  Nonetheless, the credit and importance given to what people think depends largely on their social and political position and on the impact of their thinking on the body politic.

I may be nobody, without fame or notoriety, position or power and without a significant world-wide audience.  It is enough for me that people tell me – on rare occasions – that they appreciate what I write and the opinions I express.  I would not like to think that I am wasting their time as well as my own.  So I will, for the nonce, keep on keeping on as I enter my 81st year.  It is not a question of kudos but of sharing a liberation from credulity that was part of my belated growing up – at the age of 41 !  Everyone has the right to the truth, Trump notwithstanding.