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This 2016 Danish film, an adaptation of the third in a best-selling series of four thrillers written by Jussi Adler-Olsen, received mixed reviews.  It is a gripping, fictional story about a serial killer and a Texas religious sect, “The Disciples of God”.  But for readers of this Blog there is an additional interest.  The tandem of detectives on the case is a surly Danish atheist cop and his shrewd Muslim partner.  The film includes a delicious dialogue between the two, where the Muslim objects to the biting cynicism of his atheist colleague, saying that the latter had no right to ridicule religion.  Reader-viewers will enjoy the plot and this added feature which brings to life the central theme and leit-motiv of our Blog, expressed in our mantra . . .


The post just below this one asks the question whether ridiculing religion amounts to exploiting freedom of speech to express and to promote hatred of believers.  Read on, MacDuff !