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The 2014 movie, “Emperor”, traces the enquiry conducted for General Macarthur by his aide, one-star General Fellers, as to the possible guilt of Hirohito in initiating war against the United States.  The enquiry concluded that it was impossible to determine whether or not he was guilty of commanding Hideki Tojo to attack Pearl Harbor (curiously predicted in 1923 by U.S. Army airman Brigadier-General Mitchell during his court-martial).  But General Fellers recommended to the Supreme Allied Commander that the Emperor be spared from hanging because he used his authority to impose Japan’s surrender, thus saving the nation that revered him as a god from suicidal annihilation.

In the final credits of the movie, memorable not only for its fidelity in recounting this historical drama, but for the performance of its actors, notably Matthew Fox as Bonner Fellers and Tommy Lee Jones as Douglas Macarthur, the following statement is made concerning the divine Emperor : “He renounced his status as a god.”

Unfortunately we cannot expect such a renunciation from Yahweh, from God the Father of Jesus, or from Allah.  Hirohito, an Emperor but just a man, really existed, and continued his reign until he died in 1989.  The Jewish, Christian and Muslim “gods” never existed.  Their death, nonetheless, has on occasion been declared.  But in spite of such Nietzschean wishful thinking, “God” is not dead.  To die, you have to have had life, in reality, not just in a Book.  God is perhaps the ultimate “alternative fact”.  He will never abdicate, so we must dethrone Him.