I love raindrops on roses and am not indifferent to whiskers on kittens, and though I have no use for bright copper kettles I do appreciate warm woolen mittens.  Lest readers think that I really do want to stop the world and get off, I should set the record straight :  “When I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad”.

My personal list is long.  But at the top would be family gatherings with my children and grandchildren in France, and the biennial bashes with nephews and nieces and other rellos Down Under.  Close behind would be memorabilia which surround me in the “Capharnaüm” I call my house.  We don’t use the word in English, or even the other expressive word in French, “souk”, but you get my drift.  Besides the photos of my parents, siblings, relatives and friends on both sides of the planet, there are numerous knick-knacks that have meaning only for me.  Everyday I relive precious moments from my past, and realize just how lucky I have been and how fortunate I am to be still around to reminisce.

But the past is only part of it.  Every day I experience things that bring me joy and satisfaction.  Composing this Blog is one of them.  I would like to think that reading it is one of yours . . .  (Now that’s what I call an illusion and wishful thinking, the Blog’s targets !)