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(Fifth post in four days – this being the second on the same day !  I’m impressed.)

When Jimmy “Whitey” Bulger, a South Boston Irish-Catholic drug-lord and rackets-czar, multi-murderer, IRA weapons provider and America’s most notorious gangster since Capone, was finally captured in 2011 after sixteen years on the lam, he was condemned, at age 81, to two consecutive sentences of life-imprisonment.  The remarkable 2015 movie, “Strictly Criminal”, in which Johnny Depp brilliantly incarnates the fascinating master-criminal, does nothing to confirm the cliché “Crime does not pay”.  Au contraire.

Bulger got away literally with murder and lived his long retirement from crime very comfortably, under changing identities, with money stashed away in safe-deposit boxes in England and Ireland and across the U.S.  Finally arrested in his Santa Monica apartment, he had $843,000 hidden in the wall.  But his curious, long-overdue prison sentence raises a question : did his judge believe in Jimmy’s resurrection or reincarnation ?  I’ve heard of Double Jeopardy but never of double life-sentences.  I guess the judge, frustrated by Jimmy’s age, was saying that he deserved more punishment than the law could inflict.  Indeed, it is difficult to make “the punishment fit the crime”.  Like years in Purgatory for being late for Mass and eternity in Hell for missing it.  You better believe it.

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