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(We’re on a roll : four posts in four days !  It must be the coffee or some other substance . . .)

Imagine a politician with an impeccable record (this may require considerable effort, but try anyway).  Or a Pope acclaimed for his goodness, his charity, his tolerance, his intelligence and his courage.  Or a blogger whose 588 posts to date are brilliant, insightful, thought-provoking pearls of wisdom.  Now imagine just one faux-pas by each of them.  The pol is proven to have secretly committed treason.  Or the Pope is proven to have murdered an altar-boy whom he had raped.  Or the blogger posts an eloquent defense of human slavery.  Even for crimes of far less magnitude, such single exceptions to an immaculate track-record would be enough to discredit the politician, the Pope and the blogger.

The post I am about to add immediately to this one – two posts on the same day chalks up another record – ends with the recall of what the Catholic Church ludicrously and scandalously taught us as children about divine punishment for being late for Mass or missing it.  Even if everything else the Church teaches were beyond reproach, surely its pathetic, psychotic, unpardonable doctrine on Purgatory and Hell should be enough to discredit it entirely.

In fact, this doctrine is not an exception.  And therein lies its power.  EVERYTHING the Church teaches (apart from self-evident truths like murder is wrong and that we should love our parents) is false and unfounded.  The very volume of its lies and legends makes any particular one of them appear as nothing extraordinary.  We have swallowed so many fantasies that one more no longer shocks us.  But it gets even worse.  Some tend to praise the Church for recognizing that it was mistaken, wrong, dead wrong – ONCE – in teaching a certain traditional doctrine called  geocentrism : the pre-Galileo illusion that the sun revolved around the Earth.  Rather than praise the Church for recognizing the error it was forced to admit, should not this one outrageous false teaching force us to question its global credibility ?  Its reasons for believing and teaching the divine origin of its “holy” books, the reality of Jesus’ “miracles”, His Real (!) Presence in the Eucharist, the existence of an after-life and of Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, are just as much devoid of foundation as its former rejection of heliocentrism.

This logic escapes billions of believers.  Inconvenient truths are not to be allowed to challenge credulity.  Which is why I continue to ridicule religion and to illustrate its illusions.