(This post should be read only after reading the previous post immediately below this one, “A Personal Theophany”.)

We never think about it until we feel the pain of constipation or the unpleasantness of diarrhea.  But right now you and I are carrying a certain quantity of digestive waste in our bodies.  How long since your last bowel movement ?  Unless it just happened, we are all, more of less – literally full of shit.

We carry other toxic waste – in our minds.  The trouble is that it stays there.  There is no automatic expulsion of mental accumulated garbage in the form of religious beliefs.  Many people need a cerebral enema but are unlikely to get one unless they ingest material like the potent purgatives you find in this Blog.

A shocking, disgusting analogy.  But whether you prefer this metaphor or the more common one of cancer, our minds are poisoned by religious myths.  What will it take to get people to recognize the rot in their brains ?  God-fearers are scared of Hell, the naïve put their trust in pointless prayer, the credulous believe all sorts of religious rubbish they were taught, along with other fairy-tales, in their childhood.  They no longer believe in the tooth-fairy but they continue to believe in angels and devils and Heaven and Hell.  You will die if you do not regularly get rid of your body’s digestive waste.  You can continue to live with irrational hopes, fears and superstitions.  But what a relief when you flush them from your minds !

Atheists cannot expect all non-atheists to be convinced by this abominable analogy. Most believers not only do not suffer from the accumulation of mental toxic waste; they find it, in fact, a source of joy and of purpose for their lives.  If this is their conclusion after thorough, sincere reflection, we must respect their choice.  We wish them well, in spite of their illusions and wishful thinking, and hope to live alongside them in mutual tolerance of our faith-stances, as we continue to offer them illumination to replace their blindfaithblindfolly.