I waited a while but, as you can see, I’m still alive.  I naughtily kept you waiting, leaving you wondering whether to mourn not only my demise but the death and definitive discrediting of the Blog – or to break out the vintage Holy Water, on the rocks, to rejoice in the vindication of Divine Truth and Vengeance.  Believers will just have to tell themselves, once again, that theirs is not to reason why, that God acts in mysterious ways, and that one day – some day – they will be proven RIGHT !

I am not suggesting that my survival proves that God does not exist.  But we all know that at four score and three months, I will croak sometime in the foreseeable, perhaps imminent, future.  You can bet your last euro that whenever it happens, certain religious readers faithful to the Blog only to garner material and ammunition for their catechism classes, will ring out Hallelujas to celebrate the “proof” that my computer really was divinely inspired and my print-out the authentic word of God.  They will believe that nonsense as readily as they believe the nonsense in the Torah, the Gospels and the Koran.  Meantime, I’m still not dead.

SO   FAR  ,   SO   GOOD  !