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Since the year 2000, American Republican states are red, Democrat states are blue.  Up till then, it was the other way round.  So one can hardly attach too much significance to the symbolism of these primary colors, but what’s to stop me ?  Blue is universally recognized as a symbol of intelligence (“blue-skying” is practised by people who think).  Red, the color of blood, can be seen as a symbol of violence, but also of red-faced embarrassment.  “An intelligent Republican” is not an oxymoron, anymore than is “a dumb Democrat”.  But intelligent Republicans in those red states and elsewhere must be blushing ever since Donald Trump was elected President.  One can debate the wisdom of what he decides to do.  There can be no debate about the ignorance of general knowledge and even of English which he reveals every time he opens his mouth or gets up in the wee hours to tweet.

His recent claim to have invented the 19th century phrase “to prime the pump” is not only preposterous.  As he really believes he is the wordsmith who created it, he paints the lily (NOT “gilds” !) by boasting about it.  The comics and commentators provide multiple daily examples, but this one is enough to make my point – which goes beyond the domain of politics.

Atheists are sometimes inclined to consider their intelligence superior to that of non-atheists.  But dumb atheists exist, as do intelligent believers.  Nonetheless I would be ashamed to be a Republican, and I am still embarrassed to admit that I was once a believer.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, What matters most is what is true” – not false claims and alternative facts.  And it is the truth that will make you free.