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Dot-dot-dot-dash-dash-dash-dot-dot-dot.  (…- – -…).  Save Our Souls.  Save Our Ship.  We are on the Titanic and it is sinking … fast.  Nicolas Hulot, French adventurer, author and TV personality, perhaps the most popular man in France and certainly its top ecologist, after refusing the job offered by two other Presidents, has accepted President Macron’s invitation to head the Ministry of the Environment.  Among his many books on the threats to the global environment is “Le Syndrome du Titanic” (2005), in which he spelled out the extreme urgency of the apocalyptic danger we face.  His 2009 film, with the same title, underlines the same message even more dramatically, as does Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” (2006).

Last year Hulot played a major rôle in getting 195 nations to sign the COP 21 Agreement, from which the United States has just withdrawn.  Yesterday Arnold Schwarzenegger reacted violently on Facebook in a hard-hitting video that is going viral.  What is at stake is the salvation of the planet.  The stock-in-trade of Christianity has always been “Jesus Saves”; His very name means “Savior”.  He was supposed to have saved us from God’s punishment for our sins.  Pious claptrap.  But the sin we now must all admit is what we have done to the planet.  The salvation we seek is above all to prevent further irreparable damage to the environment, and to put our priority into purifying the air we breathe and the water we drink, into influencing a weather-system become devastatingly ferocious to be less erratic, into restricting and removing the causes of pollution, into the promotion of clean energy, into stopping the meltdown of polar ice and into reversing the rise of ocean levels.

Not only can we not count on God to do anything about it.  Trump and his ilk can’t be counted on either.  I like to think that the environmental terror in store for us, on top of the radical Islamic terror we are forced to face, will continue to motivate the responsible nations of the world to take the necessary measures which are essential if we are to survive.  We may even find that the odd man out (an understatement) who is Donald Trump – as we wait impatiently for his impeachment – may in reality jolt the lukewarm into the realization that with or without the support of the United States, the rest of us must double our efforts to Save Our Planet.