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Some clichés are immediately comprehensible and therefore effective.  Some are more esoteric and too sophisticated or archaic to enjoy universal recognition (ask a Redneck about pigs in pokes).  The one in the title is in the former category, but I would predict that it will soon be replaced by one even more comprehensible and effective : “A Trump in the Oval Office”.  “Nigel Farage in the European Parliament” would mean much the same thing, but the British ultra-conservative has already been almost forgotten.  The Donald – for the nonce, until his impeachment – is here to stay.  Even when he’s gone, his heritage could well include the new cliché.

Martin Luther in 16th century Germany, the Blues Brothers in a 20th century supermarket, Emmanuel Macron in 21st century France : none of these is likely to become the subject of a cliché for devastating disturbance if not demolition of the status quo.  The meteoric French President is perhaps too recent a candidate for clichéité, but all four of the persons mentioned had remarkable effects on their environment.

What if this Blog somehow caught international attention (without necessarily going viral)  ?  Would it have a similar effect ?  ” ‘Ridenda Religio’ ruffling Rome “, “Frank infuriating Francis”, “A Blog blasting Belief” ?  Marketeers would call this Blog’s current readership “confidential” – a polite way of saying “tiny”, “insignificant”.  But if the Blogosphere’s best kept secret did make the headlines, would all Hell break loose, would its deserved renown give birth to alliterative clichés ?  I very much doubt it.  But I’d love to be proved wrong …