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Dante’s did (“Dantesque”).  We all make Freudian slips.  The nephew of James Smithson, the wealthy British scientist, who inherited his uncle’s fortune, left it to the United States, whence the Smithsonian museums.  The Apostle John gave us the adjective “Johannine” for what is now called his Comma (look it up).  And, of course, Christ is behind everything Christian.  “Jesuitical”, a pejorative epithet for casuistry and double-dealing by Jesuits, members of the Society of Jesus (S.J.), some would prefer to leave out of the short list. Atheists would willingly add Darwinian evolution, if not Dawkinsian cumulative selection.

So what about my moniker ?  I mean if the author of “The Comedy” (the original name of Dante’s poem; the adjective “divine” was added by Boccaccio two and a half centuries later), which virtually created modern Italian, can be immortalized by an adjective, why, oh why, can’t I, the author of the best bloody blog on the planet ?

The answer to the title’s question is “I kinda doubt it”.  Such an unexpected and unusual burst of humility is simple recognition that I expect to remain the Unknown Author, the “Auctor Incognitus” from the Terra Incognita, an Aussie author no one has ever heard of (this, with my deepest respect for you, dear readers, both of you).  Mind you, I would not mind becoming a man of mark, like another Australian, the Man from Ironbark.  But knowing that that is highly unlikely, I have the satisfaction that what I have written remains permanently available (and, hopefully, permanently relevant), and may get some who stumble on this Blog to question their blindfaithblindfolly. Posthumous, even prehumous, fame really does not interest me.  Liberating Believers on the Brink does.

P.S.  Another good reason for the sterility of my name in begetting an adjective : what would it be ?  “O’Mearaish” ?  “O’Mearian” ?  “O’Mearaesque” ? The last, my preference, would put me up there with Dante.  After all, the Blog is a sort of Anti-Divine Comedy.