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Garrison Keillor had a lot of fun writing “WLT : A Radio Romance”, as hilarious a collection of stories as the less outrageous Lake Wobegon series.  But “WLT” is remarkable for Gary’s self-indulgence, showing off his considerable talent for composing not only lecherous limericks, but also verse and even hymns, featured on Radio WLT, like the following :

  1. “Whenever you feel blue, Think of something nice to do.  Don’t let it get you down; Wear a smile and not a frown,  And you’ll be feeling tip-top too.”  (p.124)

2.  “Father, Son and Holy Ghost, North Dakota is the most.  Minnesota can’t     come near it, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”  (p.303)

3.   “On that Resurrection morning, when the saved of earth shall rise From beds of  earth, and gather at that breakfast in the skies, O how pleasant and delightful  when He puts His hand in mine, Then I will Rise and Shine”.   (p.340)

4.  “Onward to Canaan we joyfully fly, Swifter than eagles that wing cross the sky.    With sweet jubilation we go round the bend, And there see Jesus, our Savior and Friend.”   (p.350)

5.  “When I see a tree, it inspires me.  For a tree from a tiny seed grew.  If something so small can grow that tall, Then there’s hope for you and me.”   (p.124)

I can’t help thinking that this is the sort of message and religious sentiment to which Donald Trump and his fans must be exposed at the church services they attend.  Folks who appreciate such pearls of wisdom and sing stuff like that, just can’t fathom why the rest of us find it doggone plumb crazy.