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I have just seen the literally most frightful, frightening film one could imagine, about dealing with terrorist threats of WMD in the form of hidden nuclear bombs.  “Unthinkable” (or “No Limit” in the … French (!) version) is not a recent release; it was first shown in 2010.  You may have seen it.  I hadn’t, but now that I have, I consider it a must-see : a superb script, a totally credible scenario with great actors (including Samuel L. Jackson), it is the ultimate wake-up call for all us, potential targets for terrorists.  If, like me, you still wonder about Dick Cheney’s approval of torture by water-boarding, to get terrorists to reveal information necessary to avert even non-nuclear explosions, this film makes water-boarding look like teasing rather than torture.

Naturally, I am not about to spoil it all for you by revealing the story.  But while you will be appalled by the realism, the cruelty and the credibility of this film, it will reinforce a fact which many prefer to ignore or deny : behind Radical Islamist terrorism is the blindfaithblindfolly of religious fanaticism.  It is not a film you will enjoy; there is no “happy ending”.  Once you have seen it, you will understand why this post does not end with our usual mantra, “Ridenda Religio”, but an emphatic, albeit wishful, …