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The Donald is a Mr Doolittle in a Washington bunker.

Not my best tweet, I admit, but these three screen characters have a lot in common.  “My Fair Lady’s” Alfred Doolittle, the flower-girl’s father, the dustman with a certain gift of the gab, came into a fortune but could never disguise his lack of education.  “All in the Family’s” Archie Bunker, TV’s most outrageously funny bigot, knew he was right (extremely right, to be precise) about everything.  The host of “The Apprentice” become President of the United States, Donald Trump, shares Alfred’s linguistic shortcomings and ignorance, as well as Archie’s righteous self-satisfaction.  Doolittle delighted us; Bunker made us burst with laughter.  But Trump scares the hell out of us.  His ignorance, bigotry and narcissism are not only embarrassing but dangerous to the whole world.  He can do more damage than Harvey, Irma and Maria combined.  Dr Strangelove has access to the nuclear code.