There is currently a story posted on Facebook about a little old lady (probably in tennis shoes) who every day stood on her porch and shouted “Praise the Lord !”  An atheist moved in next door and put up with this for almost a week, but finally screamed back at her : “There is no God !”.  The lady persisted, until one day she appeared on her porch and cried : “Help me, Lord !  I have no more money.  It’s cold and I have no more food.”  The next day she went on to her porch and found three bags of groceries, enough to last her a week.  “Praise the Lord”, she hollered.  But the atheist neighbor shouted back :  “Ha ha !  There is no Lord.  I put the food on your porch”.  “Praise the Lord”, replied the old lady.  “He sent me all this food and got the Devil to pay for it !”

“Uplift Post” asks for comments, so I posted one :  “The very definition of a mind closed by credulity.  It’s why I entitled my atheist Blog ‘blindfaithblindfolly’ “.  Actually, I think the story is pretty funny (my comment has already received … one “like” !)  But it was too tempting to pass up an opportunity to flog the Blog by sharing its address with Facebook’s millions.  I’m waiting impatiently for a tsunami of new readers.  Now that would not only be funny but a bloody miracle !

Meantime we laugh at religion (“Ridenda Religio”), not at believers.