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His name is Taylor Benge.  He and his sister were among the 23,000 spectators at last night’s Country Music concert in Vegas, become targets for the automatic fire raining down on them from the 32nd story of the nearby Mandalay Hotel.  Interviewed on CNN a couple of hours after the U.S.’s most massive shooting massacre, he told of his and his sister’s extraordinary survival while others next to them were being shot dead.  He was still visibly in a state of shock but blurted out to the world watching the interview : “I was an agnostic but now I believe in God”.

One does not expect people who have just been through such a traumatic experience to be totally lucid and rational.  One could hope that the young survivor will soon come to his senses and realize how irrational, though understandable, his act of faith is.  Will he begin to wonder how his survival could point to God’s protection of him and his sister, while so many hundreds of others were being indiscriminately mown down, implicitly indicating, in his … logic, that “God” decided NOT to protect THEM ?  I fear he won’t.  He is so relieved to have had such an exceptional survival that he may now have convinced himself that he was not just lucky but someone God chose to protect.  Meantime, will the rest of us keep the victims and their families “in our thoughts and prayers” ?  Reread the recent posts “How Many More Catastrophes . . .” (September 10, 2017) and “I Will Keep You in My Prayers” (September 17, 2017).

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