The title is just one of the howlers to be found in an October 28 article intended to demolish atheism in one of Australia’s most respected newspapers, “The Australian”.  Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan has managed to get into print a diatribe posing as Apologetics that must embarrass intelligent believers.  The article is unworthy of critical analysis, and deserves only ridicule.  Rarely has our mantra, “Ridenda Religio”, been so blatantly justified.  For the record, here are just four of the “arguments” Sheridan seriously proposes :

  1.   “The religious faith of atheism”.  A tired gambit suggesting that atheism is, like faith, a belief, when it is in fact the very opposite : a refusal to believe.  The phrase is an oxymoron fit to blow the mind.
  2.    Counting noses.  It used to be “40 million Frenchmen can’t be wrong”.  What sort of an argument is it to base belief on an “overwhelming majority’s” opinions ?  Until relatively recently, most people believed the world was flat.
  3.    “The long hunger for God implies God.”  I would love to believe that I had a Guardian Angel, but I would not count on such wishful thinking.
  4.     “The clue of the inner voice”.  “We are involved in a conversation”.  There are treatments available for such illusions.  Simone de Beauvoir accurately described prayer as talking to yourself.

It is painful to think that millions of people in Melbourne were exposed to such drivel.  A pity they don’t know about the 677 posts, including this one, on this Blog.


P.S.   Ad secundum  :   I could have added, “in cauda venenum”, that counting noses is exactly what the Catholic Church did to justify the declaration of the (infallible) dogma of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven.  When enough people have believed something for a significant amount of time, that is accepted as proof that it is true.  It’s called the “Sensus Fidelium”.  I call it … B.S.  (“Bloody Stupid” ?)