Ten out of twelve British water companies use dowsing to locate underground water, reports today’s “The Guardian”.  The companies do depend more, thank Whatever, on the use of drones and satellite imaging.  Dismissing the outcomes like eight successes out of ten attempts as random, and the movement of the metal rods as caused by unconscious small hand-movements of the “diviner”, would not impress believers like my late older brother.  Like me, Mick was a Franciscan priest.  Beyond the power we both claimed to have to forgive sins and turn bread and wine into Jesus, he was proud of his “gift” of water-divining.

“You remind me of a man.”   “What man ?”   “The man with the power.”   “What power ?”   “The power of Hoo-do.”   “Hoo-do ?”   “You do.”   “What ?”   “Remind me of a man.”  One of those silly things we shared as kids comes to mind when I think of Mick.  Credulity like his goes far beyond that of the ordinary devout Catholic.  But it is made of the same stuff.  When will they ever learn ?