He was one of 20,000 radicalized Islamic potential terrorists alive and well and living in France.  Two days ago, Friday March 23, 2018, in Carcassonne and a nearby town, he went on a suicidal rampage of murder and mayhem, leaving four dead (including a heroic gendarme who volunteered to replace a hostage) and fifteen wounded, and a whole country reminded – five months after the last attack – that Daech is still capable of activating its sleeper-militant would-be martyrs to kill you and me anytime and anywhere they like.  The murders in the supermarket were just a reminder – lest we forget . . .

The madness – there is no way such attacks will frighten us into converting to radical Islam –  should remind us also of a fact we forget.  This French-Marocan vicious fanatic believed he was doing God’s work for the same reasons some of you reading this believe and practise your religious faith.  His conviction was based, like yours, on sacred books supposedly divinely inspired, and on centuries of fervent tradition, like yours.  Yours, of course, cannot be compared with his.  Are you sure ?  What makes yours authentic and his delusional ?  You have just as little reason to believe in your religion as he in his.  Had you been born in Marocco, you would very probably have shared his faith – and possibly his fanaticism.  You continue to think we are the good guys and they are the baddies.  If I were still a Catholic, Islamic terrorism would long ago have made me question all religious credulity and do whatever I could to contain its translation into terror.