Why will so many find this question to be outrageous if not obscene ?  Obviously because our puritanical prudery deters us from discussing digestion and the disposal of its inevitable waste-product.  (The famous contemporary exception is Giulia Enders’ brilliant best-selling book – two million in Germany alone : “Gut : The Inside Story of our Body’s Most Underrated Organ”.)  But there is another reason : everything – we were taught – is going to be so perfect in Heaven that God will have corrected certain mistakes in the evolution of animals, including us, for which He, as Intelligent Designer, must take the blame.  Which means, I suppose, that all that caviar, foie gras and prime steak, as well as all those French fries, donuts and cream cakes we count on being able to stuff ourselves with, will all be transformed and assimilated into the body (reunited with our “soul”), without all the nastiness associated with excretion.

Second question : Why have I never heard fellow-theologians ask themselves this question ?  They wasted ages discussing the number of angels that could fit on the head of a pin, and never bothered – or dared – to raise a far more important question, which they would probably describe as less theological than scatalogical.

I believe I don’t need to press the point any further.  Just another of the absurdities implicit in the belief in an after-life.

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