In constantly winding up discussion of just about anything with “We’ll see what happens” (“que serà, serà”),  Donald Trump is not saying anything at all.  The hollow phrase, presumably intended to reassure us that whatever happens there’s no need to worry and that he has everything under control, is his thoughtless way of signing off on the subject in hand.  Of course we’ll see what happens !  Self-evident truths, truisms, are not worth saying.

But there is one case where the phrase is not even true.  When we die, we will definitely NOT see what happens.  In fact, we won’t see anything at all.  Brain-dead, we will cease to exist.  Our body will be dead meat.  We will not go to Heaven or to Hell or even “rest in peace”.  We will decompose.  We will be embalmed then buried or cremated, as soon as possible.  We will return to the nothingness, the non-existence, that was ours before we were conceived.

Believers would object to all this.  After all, the reality of an afterlife is THE central tenet of their religion.  Without it their religion, and the very meaning they give to life, would collapse, evaporate, self-destruct.  When reminded by atheists that there is no evidence whatever of life after death, they immediately begin quoting one of those biblical texts used in the rites of burial.  But the Bible is a collection of texts written by ignorant, uninspired, self-appointed gurus who invented or inherited the myth of our “immortal soul”.  What they wrote is evidence of nothing at all, except their own, unfortunately contagious, wishful thinking.

Meantime, we are waiting for the upcoming historic meeting of Trump with Kim Jong Un.  We will be told that we’ll see what happens – as if we didn’t know that.