Once again today we commemorate the Second Rising of Christ : after His Resurrection from the tomb, His Ascension into Heaven.  In France it is still a public holiday (but no longer a holy day).  No one goes to Mass but even Commies are not going to complain about a bank holiday.  Strangely, believers never wonder why we have never, during the 2000 years since His Liftoff, received even a tweet from Him.  Nothing, rien, nada, zilch ! Surprising, really, that so few thought even to offer the credulous a series of fake messages from Heaven.

Better than divine tweets, He could have created a Blog.  He spent three years preaching the Word and, from Up There in Heaven, inspired His evangelists and a few others to write their Gospels and Epistles.  But since then not a word. Just imagine if our computer screens every morning or at least once a week carried a post from Jesus – giving us the advice we need to face the crises He allows to happen.  After all, it would be no more unbelievable than His supposed Ascension.