It is a cartoon that would be funny, if it were not so ferocious.  The scene is Heaven, with the Godhead seated in glory, Angels all around and the Faithful Departed welcoming another batch of kids murdered in an American school.  The title of the cartoon could have been “Ridenda Religio”.  A cruel irony : the latest intake was from a Texas public school called Santa Fe High – Holy Faith High School.

One massacre in Tasmania was enough to motivate Australia’s Prime Minister to ban guns Down Under.  It is unlikely that posts I have written (for example, “He Shot 17 Kids, Therefore . . .”, April 23, 2018, and “Slaughter of the Innocents”, August 3, 2013) will induce members and admirers of the NRA to question their conviction.  Even black humor will serve only to further polarize reactions to such weekly catastrophes in the U.S.  Some kids used to love going to school; others hated it.  Now all of them are terrified to set foot in the Killing Fields their schools have become.

For not locking up his guns, the murderer’s father may be charged with a . . . misdemeanor.