Jimmy Durante, “The Smiler”, with the cops in hot pursuit, went “sailing right out there”, as he goes over the cliff on the Californian desert highway.  “You move me an’ I’ll break into little pieces !” he tells his fellow-travelers who had parked their cars and clambered down the cliff to see if he’s still alive.  He is, but only just, so he tells them : “There’s all this dough, see, under the big dubble-ya.  I’m givin’ it to ya !”  Thus begins the greatest road-movie of all time and the second best movie in the history of the planet : “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World”.

I have no buried suitcase of cash to give you, and though I am still in one piece and not about to croak, I want you all to know, dear readers, that although I could have made a fortune (well, a few bucks anyhow) by charging you for reading the 782 posts already published in this Blog, I’M  GIVIN’  IT  TO  YA !

Not a lot of people know this.  They have yet to discover the Meaning of Life, Ultimate Wisdom and Why Religion is Baloney – all in one … Blog.  You’ll notice the capital in bold. And capital this Blog is : an Alibaba treasure-trove of  literally priceless pearls which you have had the good fortune to inherit – free of charge, with only one string attached : all I ask is that you tell your entourage about it.  I’m givin’ it to them too !  When you share these riches, you enrich others without loss to yourself.  Like diamonds, the Blog is forever !  Like the Man in Black, the Arab tribal leader played by Anthony Quinn, in the very best movie ever made in our Mad, Mad, Mad world, “Lawrence of Arabia”, I am “a river to my people !”.  The Blog is yours.  Not only is it free, gratis and for nothing, its truth will make you . . . free, liberated and enlightened (its author is renowned for being proud of his modesty).