Plato ?  Pope Francis ?  Mark Twain ?  Richard Dawkins ?  or . . .  ?  Are your guesses as good as mine ?  I scored 10/10.

  1.   “Your life and mine will have the meaning we give it, by the difference we have made.”
  2.    “People and products are generally trustworthy, but the exceptions suggest that we should always have a grain of salt handy.”
  3.    “Common sense will always be the ultimate criterion.”
  4.    “Rational people will always avoid the extremities of skepticism and credulity.”
  5.    “Don’t tell me that bed-bugs have a divine purpose.”
  6.    “I’ve always been proud of my modesty.”
  7.    “Someone is going to make a fortune from kid-size bullet-proof vests.”
  8.    “When I’m in hospital, I’d prefer a silent Chaplin to a chatty chaplain.”
  9.    “Cherry-picking Scripture is nothing short of hypocrisy.”
  10.    “We are all immigrants or the descendants of immigrants.  Compassion for today’s immigrants should be part of our DNA, our Daily Normal Attitude.”