Among the former  :  how to be born, how to suck, how to swallow, how to breathe, how to grow, how to urinate, how to defecate, how to die.

Among the latter  :  prayers, hymns, religious doctrines.

Children need to learn a lot of skills beyond what they are naturally capable of doing, and to acquire a lot of knowledge they will need to survive and to live meaningful lives.  They do not need to learn the nonsense with which parents and religious “educators” fill and pollute their open minds.  Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are white lies that evaporate after the first years of childhood.  Religious beliefs, however, are instilled as deadly serious truth, and are intended to last for life – as they very often do.

Charles Darwin, who early in his career studied Theology with the intention of becoming a minister of the Church, wrote in his autobiography  :  “It would be as difficult for children, with their as yet not fully developed brains, to reject belief in God, as for a monkey to abandon its hate and instinctive fear of snakes.”  One could call this brainwashing diabolical, if the Devil were not part of the religious hogwash that continues to poison children’s minds.