If you’re a dictator, it comes with the territory.  If you are a democratically elected representative of the people, it is an essential part of your job.  If you’re a Pope or a cardinatial member of an Ecumenical Council, it’s a self-endowed privilege that you can exercise without constraint.  At a time, in the not too-distant past, when the Church ruled society, objectors and violators were burned at the stake, hanged, drawn and quartered, or torn apart by draught-horses, for the greater glory of God.

I still find it hard to believe that I not only once accepted that the Church could condemn me to Hell for missing Mass or for having “impure” thoughts, and do the same to doctors performing abortions or even pharmacists selling condoms or “the pill”, but that I fulfilled other duties imposed on me as a priest and member of a religious order, under pain of eternal or at least Purgatorial punishment.  Breaking the vow of chastity, by priests and religious, was close to the top of the Church’s additions to the Ten Commandments.  But even “breaking the silence” – talking to a Franciscan confrere at night and at certain periods of the day – was considered a “venial sin” that had to be confessed !  I should emphasize that I am not talking just about the Dark Ages but the 20th century.

How could they ?  I mean how could churchmen have the hide to invent and impose such laws – and how could the rest of us, the docile sheep in the flock of the Good Shepherd, simply do as we were told ?

This Blog is dedicated to bursting the bubble of ecclesiastical arrogance and the manipulation of the credulity of the Church’s ovine believers.  Fortunately we live at a time when more and more people have begun to recognize the terrorism practised by Holy Mother Church in brainwashing her gullible … children (already as pre-adolescents).  But billions of people still fear God’s punishment for what the leaders of their religion have decreed are “sins” in His sight.  They have not yet realized how outrageous and ridiculous this is.  Whence this Blog.