Or lonely ?  Ever waited aggressively for the phone to ring, but it never did ?  Then maybe you can understand why God decided on the Big Bang.  Not that He particularly liked fireworks, but because He was bored !  After a literally timeless, eternal, empty silence and solitude, He decided to create time and the heavens and the earth, plants, animals, Adam, Eve and the rest of us.  This infernal loneliness had become even more than He, the Omnipotent, the Impassible, could stand any longer.  “Let there be light !” (how would you like to live in perpetual darkness ?), but more to the point, let there be someone else around here to keep Me company, to make something HAPPEN !  Hence Adam and Eve, you and me.  And He saw that all this was good.  In fact, very good (although, the Bible tells us, He was later, as Noah found out, to have a few regrets).

All this may sound flippant, outrageously sarcastic, blatantly blasphemous.  But honest to God (!), surely we need to shout it from the housetops : belief in divine creation is pure folly.

You may or may not, dear reader, manage to pardon my impertinence, but at least I hope I have not been boring you.