I do not believe that God was present at the Big Bang, or that He had anything to do with it.  The sacred texts, of course, never speak of the B.B., but of an omnipotent Being, who had, after an eternity of doing absolutely nothing, in the dark (how divinely bored can you get ? – no Google, no sitcoms, no Netflix, no 24/7 news (there wasn’t any to report), not even this Blog, no nuthin’ !) a particularly busy week creating light, life, animals, plants and people.  Nothing is said about exploding gases and the like.

Scientists, who know a myth when they see one, cannot tell us how, and even less why, the Universe burst into being.  But they can’t help smiling at the credulity of people who take the myths seriously.  Believers claim to know what happened when God created the world.  Scientists do not say they have all the answers, but they have many, and they continue to search for more.  They want to understand, and do not claim to have understood everything.  I am happy to join them in their search, and to reject the “certitudes” of religious faith.