Huxley’s Brave New World was a relatively recent revelation to me.  Everyone else had read it, even as required reading in High School.  I didn’t, but fortunately I now know why the author played with the words “Lord” and “Ford”.

When you stop to think about it, it is rather extraordinary, in the religious view but also in the evolutionary, that it took us so long to invent means of locomotion beyond the ultra-simple horse-drawn wagons, our sole means of land transportation, until relatively recently.  Automobiles, airplanes, rockets are all inventions of a very recent past.  It took us eons to discover how to get machines to take us to the supermarket and to outer space.

God, had He existed, could have made it easier for us.  But, given the fact of His non-existence, it is hardly surprising that He didn’t.  The miracle, if one may still use the word, is that we – without any divine help – invented the Ford, the airplane, the Concorde, Ariane, Soyuz, Voyager, space-stations and the rest.

Our ancestors would not believe how far we have come in such a short time, in getting from here to there.  The moon ?  Been there, done that.  Mars, some time soon.  The outer planets ?  Practise a little patience : we’re on our way.

It is hard to understand that believers in God find all this normal.  An omnipotent God would surely have given us a head-start, instead of leaving us to plod along for so long behind a plow-horse, or travel in a vehicle via the only horse-power we ever knew.