Our bodies are as fascinating as they are complex.  But why would a loving, intelligent, omnipotent, divinely delicate God have decided to give us such a disgusting digestive system ?  Brainless, impersonal, indifferent, purposeless (survival excepted) evolution could not have cared less.  Like other animals, we ingest food, like them we extract what we need to survive, and eject the rest.

Nobody ever talks about this.  “Give us this day our daily bread”.  But if our daily bread, meat and those recommended five servings of fruit and vegetables, are not followed by a daily bowel movement, we are in trouble.  “Give us this day our daily BM.

I am amazed that believers imagine that God intended us to go, several times a day, “to the bathroom” . . . “to wash our hands” !  These are American euphemistic, puritanical expressions for using the toilet – for urination and/or defecation – a place sometimes described Stateside even as “the little boys’ room” or “the little girls’ room”, and this presumably only for the passing of urine.  “Number Two” apparently never happens.  Thank Whatever most of us have an efficient – if embarrassing – digestive system, and in developed countries at least, adequate sewage systems.  “God”, of course, has as little to do with the former as with the latter.